Sunday morning Worship 11am

Worship is about expressing our love and devotion to God through Jesus Christ and recognizing His worthiness to be praised. Our Sunday morning worship includes hymns & praise songs, prayer, and a biblically informed message that expounds on God’s word and applies it to our daily lives. You will find that our worship style is blended; that is we sing both traditional hymns and newer praise and worship. At no time is the emphasis on the song leader or entertainment, rather the purpose of our music is to draw the worshiper to see the greatness of God. The center of our worship is the inspired scriptures that reveal to us God and His will for our lives.


Sunday Evening Bible Study 6pm

Our Sunday evening bible study is an informal setting where we gather for an in depth study of scripture. This usually entails a detailed verse by verse discussion through a particular book of the bible with an open format for questions and answers. It is of paramount importance that Christians live their lives with a biblical worldview. This is impossible, however, without an adequate knowledge of what God’s word is saying to us. We invite you to join on us on Sunday evening to explore what God’s word has to say to us.

Wednesday evening activities 7pm

Bible Study

Wednesday evening provides our families and friends with various opportunities. We have an adult bible study which is led by Dr. James Wiles in our sanctuary. The class is an interactive class which encourages questions and is a great place for those who are seeking a deeper understanding the bible and its relationship to one’s faith. Currently our adults are studying the Book of 1 Thessalonians.



Our Youth have the privilege of sitting under Dr. Wilkins on Wednesday night where he brings the bible and faith to life. In the past they have studied such topics as Apologetics, Systematic Theology, and other life application lessons. Currently Dr. Wilkins is leading them on an across the bible journey as he reveals the theme of the bible from Genesis to Revelation. Our Youth are both challenged and engaged and they are encouraged to ask tough questions. No question is off-limits.


Kids Study

Our young children meet with our Pastors wife, Christie Wilkins, for an engaging bible study and lesson. Christie has taught children of various ages for the past 15 years and has a heart and passion for bringing Christ alive in the hearts of Children.