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Reading List 2016

So last year I put together a pretty hefty reading list as a personal goal.  Some of the books were quite large, others not so much, but I knew it was going to be a challenge.  Preaching every week, teaching three bible studies, and being the family school bus limits my time to read for […]

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The First Thanksgiving?

Last year I was honored to speak at Collin County Community College via an invitation from Ratio Christi.  The topic was on the history and theology of Thanksgiving and was particularly directed toward the international students who were not familiar with this American tradition.  The following is a section from that address. The First Thanksgiving? […]

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Does Life Have Purpose?

The author of Proverbs wrote, “The LORD has made everything for its own purpose…” Literally, everything was made with intention. There was thoughtful, reasoned, intention behind the making of everything. As far back as the Ancient Near East we see two contrasting propositions; life has purpose and life has no purpose. What is the purpose […]

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Wealth Gap or Parent Gap?

     There has been a great deal of discussion the past few years about the increasing wealth gap and what to do about. Most of the practical solutions involve some aspect of expanding government or developing new government policies to either redistribute wealth or increase pay for employees or some combination of both. No doubt […]

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Bethesda Baptist Church, Haiti

What a joy it was to spend time with pastor Dervil and Bethesda Baptist Church in Port de Paix, Haiti last week. So many things touched my heart and the heart of our mission team that it is hard to know where to begin. Bethesda Baptist Church is located on the side of a mountain […]

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Is Gender Fluid?

For many people who have not been following the LGBT community for the past decade or so, the idea of gender fluidity is a foreign concept. But for many years those within the LGBT community have espoused something called “gender fluidity.” Genderfluid is a term that can be traced to the early 1990’s and referred […]

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Stay as You Are, or be Transformed?

In a recent Patheos blog, “Banned by Evangelical Booksellers,” Progressive Evangelical Branden Robertson laments that his book on LGBTQ inclusion within the evangelical community would not be published by his publisher Destiny House. The reason given was that Destiny House was having a difficult time selling the book to Christian distributors. But this is not […]

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My Reading Wish List for 2015

Theology • Participating in God: A Pastoral Doctrine of the Trinity, by Paul Fiddes • Classical Arminianism, by F. LeRoy Forlines • Biblical Theology, Geerhardus Vos. • A Biblical Theology of the New Testament, by G. K. Beale • The Church and the Tribulation: A Biblical Examination of Posttribulationalism, by Robert H. Gundry • The […]

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The Meaning of Life

There is a story told of Roman Generals who after a successful campaign were often welcomed with a lavish parade. The conquering General would ride into the city and would be lavished with praises and cheers. At the same time, an aide to the general would be whispering in his ear, “all glory is fleeting.” […]

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