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Monthly Archive for: "June, 2013"


7 Things God Hates: Pride It seems strange to think of the word hate in relationship to God, but all of God’s actions and all of His attributes are governed by His loyal-love or loving kindness.  Therefore, when God hates it is a “holy hate.”  A hatred that has man’s best interest at heart.  Thus, […]

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Facing Fear Trusting God

This year’s VBS theme will be focusing on the life of Paul with special attention given to facing fear and trusting God.  Fear is something that all of us can identify immediately.  A brief search at Amazon Books revealed over 4,000 titles dealing with overcoming fear.  It is not only one of the most powerful […]

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Focus on the Good, Lamentations

When we are going through a tough time, perhaps even a terrible time in our lives it is common to dwell on the experience.  To focus our mind and energies on what is happening at the moment and when we do that it often increases our feelings of despair and depression.  Our stress levels go […]

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